Loes Cd

I am going to try to give you a taste of Loes Cd

There is so much on this teaching tool that this page could get a bit long, but do read all the way through, If you can afford only one teaching CD this I would wholly recommend.

So here goes..........

On the CD are teaching videos with Loes wonderful voice guiding you through, just the videos alone are worth their weight in gold,at the end of these you will be an expert.

I am no novice in the use of the Artista program and was tempted to go for the advanced stuff first, but no " I will do this from beginning to end "and I am so glad I did,She taught me, in some cases easier ways to do the most basic tasks,in others better alternatives and some I never knew.

Then there are the books that you can print off if you wish one is the workbook, the other is the projects book to go with the projects that you can do with your new skills

Plus for the complete novice the use of the PC to get you going and then answers to some of those 'errors' that we can get with the software, what they mean and the fix, such as Generic read Error

All in all, this CD will take you from complete beginner to expert, and just because you do know the software as I thought I did there is plenty here for you too

Just watching Loes place the points for a heart shape is a lesson in itself, so accurate.

Okay your saying lets here about it